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New Balance KAWHI 2 will be released in the marine theme “Ocean Blue”

In the 2021-2022 season, Kawhi Leonard was absent, which effectively crushed the Los Angeles Clippers’ hopes for the championship. Nevertheless, the basketball player is preparing for the next season when he will take to the court in his new New Balance KAWHI 2.

At the moment, the champion and MVP is engaged not only in rehabilitation after injury, but also in the production of interesting colors of his branded sneakers. In the near future, we are waiting for a new color scheme of sneakers in a nautical style called “Ocean Blue”. Sneakers are made in fresh sea blue and bright orange colors with hints of sailing equipment, and flags on the tongue represent a common tradition in sailing.

The release of New Balance KAWHI 2 “Ocean Blue” is scheduled for May 13 at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price of $ 160 on the brand’s website. Subscribe to our VK and Telegram.

New Balance KAWHI 2 «Ocean Blue»
Model Code: BBKLSSD2
Release date: May 13, 2022
Price: $160
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