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How to remove the smell from sneakers? 5 useful tips

It is very embarrassing when an unpleasant smell coming from the feet is detected at a party or in a place with strangers. People around you will immediately think that you are not following your hygiene and can make it clear about it. This makes it doubly unpleasant and reduces communication.

Often we ourselves are to blame for the fact that a persistent repulsive “fragrance” is formed in the shoes. How to avoid this and how to remove the smell from sneakers — this will be discussed in today’s article.

Observe hygiene

The cause of the unpleasant, bad smell in sneakers are bacteria that multiply only in a favorable environment caused by a lack of cleanliness. What to do? No matter how banal it may be, but daily washing of feet and daily change of socks will help to avoid the appearance of a “aroma” from shoes.

Regular cleaning of the sneakers themselves, for example, with the help of a washing machine is also mandatory.

Wear quality sneakers

An important factor in the appearance of foot odor is poor-quality shoes. Sneakers should breathe and not accumulate excess moisture in themselves, this accelerates the development of bacteria. The original sneakers are made of high-quality synthetic or genuine leather that breathe. Otherwise, even the smell of new sneakers can already be unpleasant.

Reduce foot sweating

The best way to get rid of smelly shoes is to use a special foot deodorant with the addition of the active ingredient tannin or aluminum salts. Some remedies are enough to apply once every few days. This will help reduce sweating and remove the “ambergris”.

An alternative is a folk remedy with the same tannin: oak bark, green hour, sage, kalgan. Make foot baths with these ingredients for 10 days for 20 minutes.

Remove the smell from shoes

When your shoes, sneakers stink, urgent measures are required. And one of the ways to get rid of the smell in sneakers at home will help:

  • pour baking soda (rock salt) into the sneakers, leave it overnight, and then shake it out or remove it with a vacuum cleaner;
  • wiping shoes from the inside with hydrogen peroxide (alcohol) is also a good way against microorganisms;
  • crush 10 tablets of activated charcoal and do the same as soda;
  • a solution of potassium permanganate (7-9 crystals per liter of water) is effective not only for poisoning, but also for the unpleasant smell of sneakers;
  • special sprays and formulations from a shoe store.

Use technical means

If the above means do not suit you or simply do not help, then purchase special technical devices for disinfection of sneakers:

  1. Ozonator for shoes. Ozone is harmful to bacteria and quickly removes the smell from sneakers.
  2. UV dryers. They perform two functions: dry shoes and eliminate unpleasant odors.
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